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“The Career Coach & Job Search Strategist made an excellent presentation that was both entertaining and engaging and, attendees from the PMI MN Career Fair left with some good concrete and useable action steps.”

“The Career Coach & Job Search Strategist was a skilled coach and facilitator bringing intellectual curiosity, compassion and a calm presence to every interaction. They were called on to learn new content quickly, deliver services on short notice and in circumstances requiring sensitivity. Their ability to adapt quickly to diverse situations and meet the needs of the individuals and groups they supported made them a valued and relied upon consultant.”

“The Career Coach & Job Search Strategist’s ability to quickly assess a situation or a customer need and then respond professionally and productively is remarkable. We relied on them to deliver very high quality coaching and training services – and never be disappointed. The satisfaction scores were great and the comments from workshop participants really shows their expertise and personal touch!”

“The CareerToolbox Career Coach was a highly gifted career management consultant. They brought keen insights into managing life and work transitions and was an excellent facilitator. They were personally engaging, fun, and creative. I recommend hiring a CareerToolbox Career Coach & Job Search Strategist to anyone who is looking to grow their career or work through a career transition.”

“The Career Coach & Job Search Strategist had a deep and detailed knowledge of the Human Resources field and provided outstanding service to individuals seeking insight to their career. I strongly recommend a CareerToolbox Career Coach & Job Search Strategist be consulted if you seek assistance with preparing the best possible resume, fine-tuning your approach for an interview, or any other general questions relating to challenges in your career. Thanks for the great work!”