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Why should I choose CareerToolbox International, LLC?

All of our Career Coach & Job Search Strategists, Social Media Strategists & Executive Coaches have decades of coaching, career, HR, sales & marketing expertise and offer a highly professional and personal service that gets results.

How successful are the resumes and/or online profiles produced by CareerToolbox International, LLC?

We always welcome our clients to get back in touch and let us know how they have got on when applying for jobs, securing new positions or growing their businesses.

Our clients have:

  • 100% success in enhancing our clients online presence, ranking higher in search results and driving social media profile activity
  • 100% success in significantly growing their quality online connections
  • 100% success rate in having recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers review their resume and online profiles
  • 90% success rate in being contacted by a recruiter
  • 85%+ receive job offers within 7 weeks of us finishing our “Transition Services” process!*

*Note: We NEVER guarantee that anyone will get a job, as we have no control over the actual hiring decision!

The majority of our clientele comes from word-of-mouth and recommendations and we believe that this speaks for itself when measuring our success.

What if I am unsure as to which service offering is best for my situation?

Speak with a member of the CareerToolbox team by contacting us here. We will respond within 24 hours to discuss your unique situation and circumstances.

What is the process?

The process of ordering our services is extremely easy. Choose a service that fits your needs, purchase the service through the secure online checkout process and within 24 hours an appropriate member of the CareerToolbox team will contact you to setup a consultation. The initial consultation will walk you through step-by-step the information required appropriate for the selected service. We are dedicated to providing you with a professional resume and/or online presence that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

When do I pay?

We always take payment at the time of the order.

How long will it take for my resume and/or online profiles to be prepared?

Our normal turnaround times are three working days, as we like to take time in order to produce a high quality professional document and/or online profile(s).

What if I need a resume ASAP to apply for a job position?

We are aware that you may want your “Professional Resume” a bit quicker and for a small fee of $299 you have the option of 24-hour express service. Speak with a member of the CareerToolbox team by contacting us here.

Who will I be working with and what relevant experience do they have?

Our team has a considerable amount of experience in career coaching, resume-writing, recruiting, HR, sales & marketing. Each team member has at least 10 years of business experience and offer a highly professional and personal service that gets results. Everyone has a degree or advanced degree, along with a broad business background. Who your team member will be is dependent upon availability, the subject matter expertise required etc.; however, no matter who works with you, you are always guaranteed a professional and high quality service.

Why are the majority of consultations conducted virtually?

We work over email and telephone, so there is absolutely no need to travel to our offices. We prefer to use email as a mechanism for tracking information, for following-up on phone conversations and updates. Accuracy is extremely important and by completing the process by email ensures that both parties have a record of all communication entered it if it needs to be referenced at a later date.

Why do I have to pay you before I receive the services I requested?

Once you have signed up with CareerToolbox International, LLC for any one of our services, we are there to help you in the most expedient and professional way possible. Having to chase payments from clients can make any future contact difficult and we always strive to manage costs so that our service fees remain extremely competitive.

Do I need to fill out a lot or forms or watch multiple videos?

ABSOLUTELY not! We provide individualized services for each and every client.

What happens if I feel I need to make changes to the resume and/or online profiles?

We will work with you to review and discuss any changes and our team will review your updates and discuss them with you fully. You are guaranteed to end up with a resume and/or online profile that you are extremely pleased with.

Are you able to write resumes or online profiles in other languages?

Yes, by special arrangement. We normally write them in English, but if, for any reason you need your materials in another language then just let us know and we will be able to do this for you. Additional fees and response times apply. Contact us for details.

Will I be able to come back to CareerToolbox International, LLC at a later date?

Yes, we keep copies of all of the original documentation provided along with the resume and online profiles which are prepared in case you need an update or access to these documents.

Are refunds offered?

No, we don’t offer refunds. The very simple reason is that if you need a new, professional resume and/or online profiles, then there should be no reason for a refund as our Career Coach will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that you end up with materials you are entirely happy with.